I just

went back through my blog to when I was in England for the semester, three years ago, and it made me so incredibly sad. Happy that I had such amazing friends in my life that made it so memorable, who I loved more than anything at that time. So happy that I could spend time in another country and make a real life for myself there. But so sad that it has been three whole years since I’ve seen any of those people or places, held any of those dear dear friends in my arms, or really even since I told them how much they meant, and still mean, to me.
I’m so nostalgic but also so prepared for a future where I meet amazing new people who I don’t have to say goodbye to so soon. I want to go everywhere. I want to know everything. I want to do everything. I want to meet everyone. I want to know the stories of every passing person on the street. I am so sad that I will witness such a small percentage of all the beauty in this world. But I guess it have to start somewhere.

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